Loc8.it and Okoban - As simple as 1-2-3

Teaming up to protect your belongings

To increase your chances of recovering lost items, LOC8.iT has teamed up with Okoban, the first global product registration and tracking system.

The Okoban system is simple:
Once obtained, you attach the Okoban label or tag with ID Code onto whatever item you would like to protect, from small (your smart phone) to large (your suitcase).

Next, log on to www.loc8.it and register your item. The registration button takes you straight into the Okoban registry. Specify what item is being registered, fill in your contact details and that’s it. No additional costs or annual fees. Once registered, your item is protected for life.

Some items have Okoban ID codes already attached or included by the manufacturer. Registration is even simpler in this case: open your account and add the ID Code. Item details are already included in the ID code and are automatically transferred to your registry.

Start Protecting your belongings now