The missing link

In any Lost and Found system, the challenge is to connect finder and loser quickly and efficiently, and that is where the Okoban system excels. Suppose you leave your smart phone in a restaurant. All the manager has to do is to visit or, enter the Okoban ID code to report the item, and provide some contact information. The moment it is entered, both an e-mail as well as text message are dispatched, alerting you that you have left something and where it can be picked up. Same for the front desk employee who noticed you left your passport at the hotel. A minute or two on and you are informed instantly, sparing you the embarrassment of fumbling through every pocket in front of the airline check-in counter.

Designed from the ground up to help professional frequent finders like Lost and Found offices worldwide, the system is extremely efficient. Even more important, it is global. Airport staff can enter Okoban ID codes directly into WorldTracer, the airline industry’s tracing system used by 400 airlines and 2400 airports worldwide. It saves them time, and you a prolonged wait for your belongings.

Start protecting your belongings now!