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We all lose track of things

Smart phones are like kids: they have a tendency to wander off when we’re distracted. They’re smart enough to help you navigate some unknown city, but when it comes to  finding their own way back, forget it. Tablets and laptops are no different. They start chatting with a cute iPad at airport security and fail to notice that we’ve moved on.

Suitcases are bigger and thus harder to lose track of, but they have a mind of their own. We may be heading to Peru but at the very last moment they decide to head to Cebu instead. Umbrellas are the worst. They’re usually there when you don’t need them, but once it starts pouring they’ve decided to seek shelter in a shop or restaurant.

It can’t be helped…

No matter how many times we tell our mobiles, keys, wallets, handbags, suitcases and other belongings to stay with us, they have a mind of their own and may get lost. And while we can’t change their behavior, we can increase their chances of making it back by giving them their very own ID code.

Think of it as their passport: something unique that lets finders know to whom or where they belong. You may want to get one of those for your own passport as well. Passports and wallets like to play hide and seek. They’re also very good at it…

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